How do I create an account?

Click here to find the "create account" form. Fill in your name, contact information, and email and password, and you're set! When you sign up, you'll be logged in automatically and can start creating your entries right away. You will need to enter segments to be able to see the submission form.

Where do I go to submit entries?

When you first log into your account , you'll see a "Start a new entry" form. Simply choose which category you want to enter, give your entry a title, and click the "Start" button. In the form that loads, you will find all the information you need in order to submit an entry to your selected category. You don't have to complete your entry all in one sitting. Your entry saves while you work, so you can always come back to it later.

Can I make changes to my entry after I've submitted it?

Yes, you can continue to edit your entries until the submission deadline. After the deadline, you will be able to view your entries, but the editing controls will be disabled.

I'm submitting my game to multiple categories. Do I need to make new keys for every category?

You can use the same keys for each submission as we do have judge overlap. If we need more keys, we'll let you know (but it won't be any more than 12 tops).

Are demos/early access/not 100% complete games eligible?

Entries need to be representative of the final product - which means as close to complete as possible if not already completed. If you're not 100% sure, get in touch with us at to clarify.

I'm submitting a non-digital game/my entry is a live experience/my entry requires special hardware. What do I send in with my entry?

Physical entries can be posted to:

Freeplay Independent Games Festival,
The Wheeler Centre,
176 Little Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We recommend that all entries, especially non-digital entries, include video, photos, and/or other material that depicts gameplay or the experience. The quality isn't important - it's more so that judges can still evaluate your entry even if they can't directly play or experience it as originally intended. 

Do I need any kind of special software to make my entries?

This awards system is entirely web-based. You can create your entries on your phone, iPad, laptop, or any computer. All you need is a browser.

How do you protect my information?

Your account is protected by industry-leading 4096-bit encryption, and the entire system is backed up every day.